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Accelerating time to decision


Redefining speed & scale in geospatial analytics for emergency management. The world’s fastest visualization software with the world’s fastest hardware.


Breakthrough geospatial performance. Billions of data points visualised with zero latency, cross-filtered interactively by non-geo factors in real-time.


Intelligence augmentation, not black box Ai. Decision support that retains the collaboration & accountability inherent in human analysis & decision-making.

A Revolutionary Approach to Emergency Management Intelligence & Analysis

Real-time, context driven situtional awareness

The Disaster Intelligence platform creates a shared common operating picture, providing data aggregation for all participant agencies, contextually rendered in geospatial, with powerful real-time cross filtered analytics capabilities. The resulting operational intelligence provides greater accuracy through context, improved information flow & communication between stakeholders, heightened situational awareness, and yields more effective decision making.

This is achieved by integrating vast numbers of complex and authoritative data sources, together with highly contextual thick data, on a single integrated platform.  We then transform analysis into simple, intuitive, interactive exploration in context, allowing intelligence & analysis to be easily shared across a diverse ecosystem of responding agencies, utilities, and stakeholders.

“We must believe we can make a difference and we can do things better”

                                                        – Andrew Harper, UNHCR, Director of Programmes

Argonne National Labs modelled power outages by county for Hurricane Barry


With best in class data sources, advanced fault detection & DL/ML/Ai assisted prediction & forecasting, Disaster Intelligence transforms response & recovery, providing unprecedented mitigation opportunities.

GPU Based

Architected to run on state of the art GPU based systems capable of powerful hybrid analytics across BILLIONS of records with millisecond performance, transforming interaction with data, speeding both response & recovery.


Designed from the ground up to be integrated with existing operational & analytic platforms.  Open means far better accuracy of analysis, and the necessary contextual relevance for Emergency Management.

Operational, sensor, as well as historical data can be integrated directly with information specifically gathered for disaster recovery.


Immersive, Real-Time Data Visualization Tools utilizing data from the most agile and sophisticated constellation of high-resolution commercial earth imaging satellites.  Tasked on demand for major pending disasters.

These satellites are capable of collecting well over one billion square kilometers of imagery per year & offer intraday revisits globally.


risk in context

Effective preparedness requires more than just layering data on a map.  Context provides an answer to the ever present question, “So what?”

Having the ability to directly correlate risk to human factors in real time transforms decision support, and provides genuinely actionable intelligence to emergency managers.


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Using a real time, GPU based analytics & data visualization, Disaster Intelligence’s highly distributed platform provides uniquely insightful, and contextually relevant analysis at the speed of thought, dramatically accelerating major disaster preparation, response, recovery, & mitigation. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

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