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EM Weekly Podcast Featuring Di President Sean Griffin

EM Weekly Podcast Featuring Di President Sean Griffin

Seattle, WA – February 18, 2019 – For Immediate Release

Disaster Intelligence President Sean Griffin will be featured on this week’s EM Weekly Podcast with Todd DeVoe, available on EM Weekly’s website or on iTunes.  The Podcast features news, interviews, trends and issues impacting Emergency Management, first responders, military, education, public safety, communications, disaster volunteer organizations, public health, humanitarian groups, NGOs, professionals, students, and researchers.

In this week’s episode Todd and Sean speak about the meaning of resilience, the challenge with situational awareness, the application of big data in disasters, and how technology is changing the landscape of emergency management for disasters worldwide.


DISASTER INTELLIGENCE was founded in 2018, and is the first company to apply cognitive technologies, together with real time geospatial analytics, purely to the challenge of Emergency Management, and large scale disaster response & recovery.

The Disaster Intelligence platform provides data aggregation on a massive scale for all participant agencies and private sector stakeholders, creating a shared common operating picture, with analysis contextually rendered in geospatial. The resulting operational intelligence provides greater accuracy through more accurate context. The improved information flow heightens communication & collaboration between stakeholders, improving situational awareness, yielding more effective decision making.

The platform redefines operational analytics by giving users the power to query and visually explore highly diverse, interrelated, multi-billion record, high-velocity/live datasets, at the speed of thought.


Media Contact: Sean Griffin