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Code of Ethics

Integrity & Ethics

“It is not enough for us to think about the ethical consequences of technology designs after their negative impacts.  We must train the next generation to foresee the ways their technologies may affect humanity.”

– letter signed by Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, Lyft co-founder Logan Green,
StubHub President Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, and others


DISASTER INTELLIGENCE is committed to exhibiting the highest corporate ethical standards in all our activities and to well exceed compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Our founding principles are inspired by the likes of Vincent Stanley and Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia.  Their book The Responsible Company continues to guide our corporate culture.

In addition to simply committing to a higher standard, we  incorporated this ethos directly into our founding charter, incorporating as a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), operating under Subchapter C.

We believe that as computing professionals’ our actions change the world.  As such, integrity is our single most important asset.

To that end, We at DISASTER INTELLIGENCE pledge to act responsibly, and consciously reflect upon the wider impacts of our work, consistently supporting the public good.

We are committed to upholding the values and principles articulated in the ACM Code of Ethics, and will contribute to society and to human well-being, acknowledging that all people are stakeholders; Avoid harm; Be honest and trustworthy; Be fair and take action not to discriminate; Respect the work required to produce new ideas, inventions, creative works, and computing artifacts; Respect privacy, even at the expense of profit; and honor confidentiality.

Professionally we will strive to achieve high quality in both the processes and products of professional work; Maintain high standards of professional competence, conduct, and ethical practice; Know and respect existing rules pertaining to professional work; Accept and provide appropriate professional review; Give comprehensive and thorough evaluations of computer systems and their impacts, including analysis of possible risks; Perform work only in areas of competence; Access computing and communication resources only when authorized or when compelled by the public good; Design and implement systems that are robustly and usably secure; Ensure that the public good is the central concern during all professional computing work; Manage personnel and resources to enhance the quality of working life; Articulate, apply, and support policies and processes that reflect the principles of the Code; Create opportunities for members of the organization or group to grow as professionals; and recognize and take special care of systems that become integrated into the infrastructure of society.

Our Directors have an absolute duty to balance the pecuniary interests of stockholders, the best interests of those materially affected by our corporate conduct, and the specific public benefit required by our charter.

While we are conscious of our duty as fiduciaries for our shareholders, and will fulfill those responsibilities, we will optimize for the long term, rather than thinking only of the next quarter.

DISASTER INTELLIGENCE expects EVERY employee to safeguard and protect these standards and ethos, conducting business with the utmost transparency, honesty, and integrity.

Simply operating in an ethical and legal manner, whether dealing with customers, vendors, distributors, is too low a bar; we hold every single member of our team to this standard which far exceeds any legal requirement.

All officers, managers, employees, and all contractors, consultants or persons acting in the name of DISASTER INTELLIGENCE are expected to comply with this mandatory obligation. Any and all who violate, or fail to report a violations of said standards, are subject to disciplinary action, and/or termination.