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New America & Disaster Intelligence co-Hosting Disaster Tech Workshop

New America & Disaster Intelligence co-Hosting Disaster Tech Workshop

Seattle, WA – February 7, 2019 – For Immediate Release

On Tuesday February 26, Disaster Intelligence, Inc and New America will co-host a workshop focused on technologies for improving disaster risk reduction and resilience for vulnerable and underserved populations. This meeting will bring together innovators, emergency managers, policymakers, and storytellers to discuss new understandings, possibilities, partnerships, and technologies within the context of evolving natural hazards, risks, and vulnerability.

“This event convenes the premiere thought leaders, technologists, and policy makers in disaster resilience, with particular emphasis on how technology is utilized to protect ‘at risk’ populations from climate hazards and catastrophic disaster,” said Sean Griffin, President of Disaster Intelligence.  “We are excited to partner with New America and the Honorable Sharon Burke in hosting this important event.  We founded Disaster Intelligence to solve the very problems I grappled with at The White House under two presidents, and I’m excited to be leveraging technology to accelerate benefit to survivors, and improve community resilience.”

This event is by invitation only. If you have not received an invitation and would like to attend, please email New America Events at events@newamerica.org.

The event will be live-streamed, and is accessible on the Disaster Intelligence website at https://www.disaster-ai.com


DISASTER INTELLIGENCE was founded in 2018, and is the first company to envision the use of cognitive technologies together with real time geospatial analytics, applied purely to the challenge of Emergency Management, and large scale disaster response & recovery.

The Disaster Intelligence platform provides data aggregation on a massive scale for all participant agencies and private sector stakeholders, creating a shared common operating picture, with analysis contextually rendered in geospatial.  The resulting operational intelligence provides greater accuracy through more accurate context.  The improved information flow heightens communication & collaboration between stakeholders, improving situational awareness, yielding more effective decision making.

The platform redefines operational analytics by giving users the power to query and visually explore highly diverse, interrelated, multi-billion record, high-velocity/live datasets, at the speed of thought.


8:45 Coffee and Breakfast Available

9:00 Welcoming Remarks

  • Sharon Burke, Senior Advisor, New America
  • Sean Griffin, President & CSO, Disaster Intelligence

9:15 Creating a Common Operating Picture

  • Emergency Management and Disaster Resilience in the Nation’s Capital
    • Christopher Rodriguez, Director, Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, District of Columbia (confirmed)
    • Moderator: Sharon Burke, New America (confirmed)
  • Climate Change and Natural Disasters: How the Hazards — and Our Understanding of Them — are Changing
    • Michael Kuperberg, U.S. Global Change Research Program (invited)
    • Discussant: Bernadette Woods Placky, Climate Central (confirmed)
  • (Re)defining Vulnerability
    • Linda Mastandrea, Federal Emergency Management Agency (invited)
    • Discussant: Sarah Tuneberg, Geospiza (confirmed)
  • The Human Angle: The Importance of Storytelling about Disasters
    • Amanda Ripley, The Atlantic (confirmed)
    • Discussant: Simón Rios, WBUR Boston (confirmed)

11:15 Working Groups and Working Lunch

1:30 Closing


Media Contact: Sean Griffin