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Management Team


Sean served as Director for Incident Management Integration Policy on the US National Security Council at the White House, and is an active duty veteran of the U.S. Navy and Naval Nuclear Power Program.

During his White House term (under two US Presidents), Sean led the Executive Office of the President and inter-agency policy coordination for major disasters and incidents.

Sean also led emergency management, training, and exercise programs at the U.S. Department of State, Defense Logistics Agency, & National Institutes of Health. He also volunteered time to Chair the Federal Sector Emergency Managers Caucus for the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), and is a leading member of the Private Sector Committee for the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA).

Sean maintains an active clearance above Top Secret


Matt spent many years working in VC & specialty finance on Wall Street with a division Toronto Dominion Bank, striking out on his own to found Avenue Success Capital Partners & Jet Consulting in 2008.

Matt left the world of finance after the birth of his two children and entered Emergency Management after Hurricane Sandy.  In 2014 Matt became the The Department of Homeland Security Emergency Services Intelligence Liaison Officer at the New York State Intelligence Centre.  Matt literally wrote Nassau County, NY’s Emergency Management Manual, and played a key role in the NY regions recovery after Hurricane Sandy.

Temares is now one of the most seasoned Emergency Management professionals in the Northeastern United States, with extensive experience in operations, planning, inter-municipality operations and local government.

Matthew’s time on Wall Street has provided the unique ability to take business practices & procedures and incorporate them into sound practice enhancing Emergency Services performance both pre and post event. Business acumen combined with domain expertise make Matthew uniquely qualified to fill the role as CEO.

Matt holds a DHS Level One Clearance


Architect of the Disaster Intelligence Hardware and Software stack, Jonathan’s history with complex distributed solutions dates to the birth of digital entertainment in the early ’90’s.

Jonathan established himself as a solution-driven pioneer in the emerging visual effects industry before transitioning to engineering at Pixar in the early 2000’s, then serviing as a consultant on numerous projects “$30-$100M+” budget range.  He designed & built two state of the art production studios (London & Vancouver) utilizing the most advanced distributed computing technologies employed in independent animation production for the time.

Jonathan has managed development of custom production pipelines & architected custom software solutions on multiple $100m+ productions, including GPU based visualization systems, many years before these tools became prevalent. 

Beginning in 2005, Jonathan worked to pioneer the application of big data and analytics in production processes, introducing real time accountability to highly elastic creative environments, as well as advocating the use of GPU based solutions in a number of production applications.


Dr Jack Poulson is a computational scientist with expertise ranging from scientific computing to recommendation systems, natural language processing, and GIS.

In addition to serviing as Chief Scientist for Disaster Intelligence, Jack is the Founder of the nonprofit Tech Inquiry.

Jack previously worked as a Senior Research Scientist in Google’s Research and Machine Intelligence Division. 

Prior to his tenure at Google Dr. Poulson was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University.

Board of Advisors

James R. Kish

James R. Kish is retired from the Federal Government’s Senior Executive Service, and prior to that retired as a Colonel from the Army.

Jim served as Deputy Assistant Administrator and then as Acting Assistant Administrator for FEMAs Response Directorate. Duties for this position included supervisory oversight over the Agency efforts to prepare for consequence management of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) events.

Jim oversaw the day-to-day operations to prepare Agency personnel for incident management and support. He developed, trained and maintained specialized teams capable of providing critical support in communications, urban search and rescue, incident management and support and situational assessment.

Tricia Wang

Tricia is a global tech ethnographer. Her expertise is helping organizations uncover how bias towards the quantifiable comes at the expense of profits and people, and how to fix it.

Tricia’s work with Fortune 500 companies and her fieldwork research have been featured in Techcrunch, The Atlantic, Al Jazeera, Slate, Wired, The Guardian and Fast Company. She has taught global organisations how to identify new customers and markets hidden behind their data, and amplified IDEO’s design thinking practice as an expert-in-residence. She is a pioneer in popularising the need for companies to integrate Big Data and Thick Data.

Tricia is a Fulbright & National Science Foundation Fellow, formulated an innovative sociological framework for understanding human behaviours, also an affiliate at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, and contributor at TED.

Brian Barnier

Brian Barnier is focused on growing companies, investments and countries. Brian specializes in bringing practical insight to investors, boards and management to help them bridge from strategy to execution. He accelerates business result improvement through a “risk lens” that incorporates both growth and turnaround lessons learned across industries, professional disciplines and countries.

Director/Head of Analytics at ValueBridge Advisors (U.S.)/Burnt Oak Capital (UK), he brings a unique synthesis on change ranging from global economics to technology that is reshaping time-space. This synthesis stems from his experience in both business model investing, and general and product management. These perspectives are why his accomplishments have tended to be in initiatives requiring foresight and thoughtful execution in complex and dynamic environments.

Career Opportunities

At Disaster Intelligence we seek out the truly difficult problems, and deliver products that transform the way EM Professionals interact with information.

We work in flat, decentralized teams, each with decision-making authority, and our developers & data scientists have freedom to approach, own, and solve problems creatively.

Great people apply their genius to meaningful problems, and there’s no other job where you’re as likely to make as lasting, & meaningful a contribution to people’s lives.

CV’s are accepted in PDF format ONLY

Applicants must have valid work authorization for employment in the US,

and be eligilbe for security clearance in certain circumstances.



Passionate about Web Applications and experienced with framewworks like express.js and vue.js?? 

Looking for a a place where your work contributes to more than just a customer’s online shopping experience?

● Work together with Senior Engineers to develop customer facing web based applications.

● Minimum bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or similar electronics/software related field or in a field related to mathematics.
● 3+ years of hands-on experience working with web application frameworks for the development of complex web based sapplications.
● Understanding of analytics, and solid SQL fundamentals
● Solid engineering and coding skills, including the ability to write high performance production quality code. Experience in Java, C, C++, Python, and frameworks including node.js, express.js, and vue.js.
● High level of comfort with experimental design, rapid prototyping,  testing and measurement

● Experience with GPU based systems CUDA, and demostrable experience with RAPIDS and/or Arrow
● Experience working with linux devops, Apache, Kubernetes, Dask, & ultra performance SQL stores




This position is primarily focused on researching, defining, and developing customer facing applications and features enabled by machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. 

Work tasks span from early research and development stage of ideation, experience and use case development through to development of Proof-of-Concept solutions.

● Research and develop concepts and prototypes of new applications and features powered by machine learning, producing idea presentations, technology demonstrations, use cases, proof-of-concept implementations, specifications and requirements
● Work with the UX engineers to define an optimal user experience for the feature and/or technology
● Designing and specifying implementations
● Development and maintenance of support technologies and platforms for features
● Leading technology and feature development projects
● Actively consult with customers to ideate and develop new features & capabilities

● Minimum bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or similar electronics/software related field or in a field related to mathematics with focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence
● Experience developing on GPU based hyper-computing platforms
● Extensive Linux skills Experience with RAPIDS, Apache Arrow, D3, Vega, R, C++, Java, Python, etc.
● Demonstrable software development experience, including translating ML/DL models into production software
● Understanding of machine learning, data mining and data analytics techniques

● Experience working with Spark, Dask, & ultra performance SQL stores


Hiring Process

Disaster Intelligence has a fully transparent hiring process.  This process includes a bounded, relevant, and graduated take home competence test.  This is customized for each position and gives candidates an opportunity to better understand the position, and requirements placed on an eventual hires.  This insures a high level of competence before involving other team members in a formal interview process.

Those who clear the first hurdle are invited to a “Data Day,” which encapsulates technical, strategic and skill evaluation of candidates, with some analysis of cultural fit with both our team and company.  This process is conducted under full non-disclosure, and is designed to demonstrate which candidates excel, vs those who suffer from inability or inefficiency, as we aggressively select against both.

After thorough evaluation of a candidates “Data Day” performance, all team members contribute to an ‘evaluation of outcome’ report.  For those who fit with our criteria, offers are provided within 24-48 hours.



A bounded, relevant and graduated take home competence test



Technical, strategic, skill & cultural evaluation of candidates



Outcomes communicated to all, offers extended to select candidates

Join Us!

Proficient in C, C++. C#, F#, Python and Thrift? Have a passion for the GPU, ML and Ai? Familiar with Arrow and RAPIDS? We’d love to hear from you!


*PDF format only please