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Real time operational intelligence in geospatial, with cross filtered dashboard graphing.


The same geospatial intelligence, with powerful, real-time, cross filtered analytics capability.


Expert analytics and consulting with the industry’s top experts in Emergency Management.


SAAS on Secure Distributed Cloud, On Prem,
or Hybrid Deployment

Disaster Intelligence achieves the goal of a shared common operating picture, integrating vast numbers of complex data sources on a single integrated platform allowing simple, interactive exploration of data in context, which is then shared across a diverse ecosystem of responding agencies, utilities, and stakeholders.  We do this on a GPU based platform designed from the ground up to insure analysts make sense of the noise of unstructured data, all in real-time

This data can be interactively explored & cross filtered in milliseconds. Whenever one filter is adjusted, all related charts, graphs and maps instantaneously redraw within that context. The resulting analysis can be used to support prioritization and response that minimizes losses and saves lives.

Disaster Intelligence, Disaster Analytics
& Advanced Hazard Modules

The DISASTER INTELLIGENCE product suite includes a base level SAAS package, as well as adavanced analytics and hazard packages for specific situational awareness & analysis requirements.

Advanced modules are available by disaster hazard or data type, including high resolution orbital data, automated change detection, etc.

We offer on premise deployment with dedicated hardware for sites where sensitive or classified data limits the customer’s ability to integrate with cloud based SAAS solutions.

Disaster Consulting

While each of our client’s situations are unique, every situation brings data requiring extrapolation and examination. What information you need to track? Does your source data contain bias? How should you gather and analyze data? Ultimately can you effectively use that data to achieve your emergency management objectives in a way that serves your community?

Data analysis alone is never the answer to an organization or jurisdiction’s emergency management problems, but it can lead you down the right path, if done properly. Whether verifying existing conditions, measuring change, or finding bias that delivers analytic results in conflict with human behavioral dynamics, competent, un-biased data analysis will deliver more valuable insight.

Streamlined Development

For registered data partners seaching for improved development efficency, the entire Disaster Intelligence development stack can be licensed directly, allowing you to focus on the science.

The most tedious and time-consuming part of data science, Ai development, or DL, is feature engineering. Feature engineering requires building domain knowledge within a particular dataset and selection of features that make machine learning algorithms work—choosing all the predictive variables.

By employing the visualization tools in the Disaster Intelligence platform, Data scientists can explore datasets with hundreds of columns and billions of rows, regaining hours or days they used to spend feature engineering, even before training the first iteration of a model.


Example Use Cases

Emergency managers often suffer from fatigue, lack of sleep, and extreme stress.  We design specific hazard solutions using a common philisophical/neuropsychological approach, insuring attention is drawn appropriately to needed content, or context.  We employ color schemes which maximize perception and processing, use motion, hard boundaries, and a number of human factors to ensure that the most important information is the most perceptible. 

Dynamic, Real-Time Evacuation Tools

Under development now, evacuation tools supporting dynamic scenarios, road closures, traffic incident modeling, sheltering options, real-time flow, vulnerable population matrix modeling, probabilistic data analysis, manual geographic area selection, & pre-defined evacuation zones.

Never again will you be forced to rely on generic ‘clearance time’  based evacuations.  Evacuate vulnerable populations with confidence, stage clearance dynamically, in real-time, based on your real world scenario, and marshal resources for your population in ways never before possible.


Utility Outage Prediction & ‘What-if’ Forecasting

By utilizing data from previous outages (three or more years), storm impact history, historical weather, precipitation totals, easment maintenance history, we are able to produce fully interactive outage probability forecasting in geospatial.

This can provide useful data for long term mitigation & analysis of component level resilience. By scaling storm forces, precipitation, varied tree maintenance strategies, and other inputs, analysts will eb able to gain insight into future climate driven changes impacting infrastructure .


Preparation, Response & Recovery
Flood Forecast & Detection

By incorporating near-time satellite, forecast, and social media information, Disaster Intelligence can improve analysts understanding of the location, timing, causes, and impacts of floods, in order to enhance the speed and effectiveness of disaster response.


Response & Recovery
Precise Spill Propagation Analysis

Hybrid analysis incorporating a complex array of data, including orbital intelligence, high resolution wind, wave, current, & sea temperature data can provide precise prediction of evaporation rates, coastal impact areas, spill extent and other information critical to EM responders.